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You can come to Normag for the engineering, production and aftercare for all HDD and micro-tunnelling systems. Because we do all our work in-house, the lines of communication are short, the process between engineering and production is optimised and we can quickly respond to new insights and developments.

Aside from Normag machines, our engineers also develop many other products, such as attractions for theme parks and boat handling equipment. This graces Normag with wide-ranging knowledge and means that safety, compactness and smart construction are in our genes. Naturally the machines are designed in conformance with all applicable guidelines and the design phase includes a risk analysis – nothing is delivered without a CE mark.

Standard and custom solutions

Aside from our standard solutions, Normag also designs and produces tailor-made products. Everything is drawn and designed using modern 3D software, allowing us to directly determine whether your wishes and ideas are feasible.

The production facility covers a six-hectare surface and accommodates around a hundred technically trained staff. Our production department comprises a work planning area with modern equipment, a machine factory, an assembly hall, a warehouse for components and storage space for semi-manufactured products.


All our products conform to the nine established Normag core principles:

  1. Normag’s products are compact, but have a high capacity.
  2. Normag’s products are always mobile.
  3. Normag’s products have a modular construction.
  4. Normag’s products are safe.
  5. Normag’s products are easy to use.
  6. Normag’s products have short rig-up times.
  7. Normag’s products are cheap to run.
  8. Normag’s products are easily switchable.
  9. Normag's products have low operating costs.


Try one out? Call us for an appointment or get to know the machines by hiring them.