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  • Electrically powered drill Rig
  • 300 tonnes pulling force
  • 140 kNm of torque
  • Save 50% on fuel costs too!


Using the newest permanent magnet motors and compact power electronics, this marks the first step towards fully electrically powered HDD drill Rig facilities. Through the application of “power on demand”, a 50% fuel saving can easily be achieved. The additional advantages of a lower environmental impact (CO2 emissions), a lower local impact through reduced noise and lower maintenance costs make it clear that these electrically powered machines will become the new standard.

It is now relatively simple to drill from within a building or a tent. A huge amount of highly accurate data is returned from the motors, which will aid in further improving the drilling process. Breakdown detection and certain repairs can be carried out remotely, which is expected to further reduce maintenance costs. Download the brochure for all the technical information!

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